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Secondary Trademark Infringement BookSecondary Trademark Infringement is the first and only comprehensive work on the law of secondary liability for trademark infringement—an area that is quickly becoming an important topic of interest among both practicing attorneys and scholars. The treatise is ground-breaking in its analytical power. Meticulously organized and accessible, it is an ideal reference work for legal and business professionals who use, or whose stakeholders use, trademarks on the internet, who seek guidance with respect to this growing area of potential legal risk.

Secondary Trademark Infringement covers important topics, such as:

  • Infringement liability of businesses that offer internet facilities to third parties using trademarks or trademark-protected goods in commerce, including retailers, auctioneers and distributors
  • Company exposure to liability for the online activities of their hosting customers or advertisers
  • Legal issues arising from web-hosting and other Internet infrastructure or connectivity
  • Exposure reduction measures for companies and institutions that do not use or facilitate trademark use directly, but are part of a commercial chain of activity and present a tempting “deep pocket” or accessible litigation target for claims based on activities of others in the chain

Secondary Trademark Infringement features extensive and detailed case law analysis and commentary and practice notes that discuss a wide variety of subjects of practical interest and importance to attorneys and business executives alike. These include notes on substantive and procedural issues in secondary trademark infringement litigation (from both the trademark owner’s and the accused infringer’s point of view), recovery of damages and injunctive relief and guidelines for trademark protection and enforcement as well as risk management for internet service providers and other service providers. Secondary Trademark Infringement also addresses developing areas of law in online commerce and social networking.


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